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What is UPPA? 

We are a healthcare startup that improves your healthcare experience. We understand that the last thing people want to deal with while they are sick is 400 different apps, plus a complicated process.

1 App instead of 16 Apps?

What you can order, benefit and achieve with UPPA will replace 16 apps from your phone:

  1. Health Record Access.
  2. Pharmacy.
  3. Special Pharmacy.
  4. Consume Tracking.
  5. Medication Alerts.
  6. Health/Wellness Products Rating.
  7. Telehealth.
  8. Physician/Pharmaceutical Transparency.
  9. Healthcare Providers Rating & Review.
  10. Pharmacy Coupon & Discount.
  11. Verified Supplements Products.
  12. Diet & Fitness Tracking.
  13. Verified Health Tips & Howto.
  14. Interoperability.
  15. Medical Equipments.
  16. Community Support.

Incircle vs Elite member?

Right now every early access member will automatically be upgraded to be an Elite member, which will offer higher discount, premium services, and priority.

New members after Jan 25, 2018 will be Incircle members which benefit from many features and services no other competitor provides.

After Jan 25, 2016 Incircle members wishing to be upgraded to be an Elite member will be require to have 3 Elite members vouch for.

What is Litra Blockchain?

It’s a specialized blockchain built from scratch, designed to decentralize the healthcare industry, improve the outcome for users, and improve transparency, trust, and speed.

Learn more about Blockchain:


What is Litra Coin?

Litra Coin is the native coin of the Litra blockchain. It’s a cash alternative for our users. Every user will have 1 coin to spend and also earn by participating in future health studies.

What can you do with your Litra Coins? 

Litra Coin is the crypto-coin of the Litra blockchain, which our platform is built atop. Trading it will start with a starting value of $1. It has a lot of room to grow when compared to Bitcoin ($4000) or Ether ($350).

Our ecosystem will be an alternative to cash. It’s essentially reward points that go up in value. It’s not a fixed solution, enabling you to pay for telehealth, copay for drugs, or buy health/wellness products.

When I can redeem or access my coins, and how? 

After early access ends on Janunary 25th, 2018, we will release our app for every individual to complete the registration. At this time, your balance will increase be accessible right away. If you want to take it off the platform and start trading it, or keep it to use on our platform, you may do so. 

Our “how-to” guide will be released as well.

What if my coin is worth $1000? 

A $1000 coin can be used in our ecosystem, or traded to outside currencies at crypto-coin exchanges.

Is my health data safe? 

Yes, your health data will stay where it is right now. All we will do is add interoperability, connecting all healthcare institutions together, and giving you the control over your own health data. 


Why it is not free already?

The government allows you to have it for free (state-by-state basis), but they will mail it to you forcing you to pay at some state per page! Online options right now are all paid services!

What else you will offer? 

We will replace 16-apps and platforms you are using now with 1-app solutions starting from accessing your health record, to the best diet customization for you. It will cost you nothing more than what you pay already as insurance.

I am not a U.S. citizen, nor permanent resident, but I have a health records in the U.S.? 

You are welcome to join.

Can I add my parents?

If you their legal guardian, then yes. They may authorize you.

Can I add my kids, spouse?


If we are family do we need to have multiple signups?

No, one email is sufficient. Once you complete your registration, more family members can join (family’s of 5 will have 5 coins. Same with referrals: they’ll earn you more coins as well.

Can I ask my hospital, clinic, and physician to join? 

Of course, and you are most welcome to join our professional referral program.

What If my hospital, clinic, or physician refuses to join? 

By law every healthcare institution should provide health data to the patient within 30-days.

We are a charity. Can we join your referral program? 

Yes, you can. We will double your coins.

Can I donate my coin (all or half) to a charity? 

Yes, you can. Start a pledge.

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Simple APP

All of your health data at your fingertips. Go from 16 health apps to one.

Health Data

You know how many steps you walked. Why not your ideal diet based on blood tests?

Save Money

Personalized medical care saves you time with doctors and money on prescriptions.