This season best gift for family & friends


So, you want some free cryptocurreny? Here’s how simple it works

1. First, go to this signup page . You just need to give them an email address. Pretty easy.

2. Start referring your friends & family member. The top 10 referrers will be receive 9,999 Litras and the top referrer will receive 99,999 Litras. You have until Jan 25, 2018 to refer as many people as you can. 

Again, you just need people to give their email address to become a UPPA insider. You don’t have to buy anything.

3. Finish in the top 10,000 insiders and you will earn pre-launch access to next added services ( Including free telehealth, and free delivery).

4. If you don’t end up in the top 10,000, you still receive 1 Litra per referral plus your own one. anyone signing up will receive early access to the app plus 1 Litra.

5. Start referring healthcare professional ( Institutions, clinic, or private practice) will earn you more, 9 coins per refer, and they will also earn 0.01 Litra coin per health record they open to the network.

What can you do with your Litra coins?

Litra coin the crypto coin of Litra Blockchain, which UPPA is built on top of, trading it will start with value is $1, which mean it has a lot of room to grow comparing it to Bitcoin ($4000+).

With UPPA ecosystem for individuals it will be an alternative to cash, consider it as reward points that goes up in value not a fixed one, which you can pay for telehealth, copay for drugs, or buy health/wellness products with.

Within UPPA ecosystem you can earn Litra coin by joining healthcare research centers studies and more.

When I can redeem or access my coins? 

After Early access ends on Jan 25, 2018,  UPPA will release its app as every individual complete the registration your balance will increase, and it will access right away, if you want to take it off the platform and start trading it.

UPPA Because it's your health and your life.